RFR Lux Asset Management S.à r.l. manages the interest of the owners of all services and processes related to its entrusted real estate portfolio, consisting of some of our "landmark" properties.

The core aspect is the active planning, implementation and control of all value-influencing measures in the management phase. For this purpose, all sources of information are used and exploited to create optimal conditions for the further use of an object.

Completely in line with the philosophy and procedures of the RFR Group, the focus here is on the continuous gathering, processing and distribution of information relating to all property matters in order to achieve a constant comparison between planned returns and increased property valuation from the owner's perspective.

The accounting and corporate management of the companies belonging to the group with domicile in Luxembourg is also ensured by our team directly at the Luxembourg location.


RFR Luxembourg
37A, Avenue John F. Kennedy
L-1855, Luxembourg

Cathrin Brettnacher
Managing Director

Tel.: +352 2627 5450